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Proactive Offensive Security

Our team and partners have experience with the preeminent red team and threat intelligence organizations in the world, with countless successful engagements against Fortunate 100, critical infrastructure, and government client targets.

Backed by researchers and engineers with a wealth of experience in full-scope offensive engagements, cryptography, and smart contract audits, we ensure that your organization is ready to take on the unknown.

Your processes, procedures, and infrastructure will be engaged by our team as we uncover even the most subtle gaps in detection and response capabilities.

We don’t stop at automated assessments and audits. Your people will be exposed to social engineering campaigns leveraging real-world techniques designed to provide training through hard lessons.

When it comes to an honest assessment of your security posture, there is no time like the present.

At such a turbulent time in history, criminal attackers and hostile nations alike are positioning themselves on the offensive. ​​

They are coordinating sophisticated attacks on a regular basis against institutions just like yours to fund their continued missions. 

Don’t be their wallet – and don’t be the next headline.

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